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620 Film, 127 film and Film for Vintage Cameras

Welcome to Photo Supplies.  Here I sell camera film for vintage and collectible cameras. Hard to find film formats like 127 film and 620 film are my specialty.

You can buy 620 film and 127 film from stock. Where film formats are no longer manufactured I produce my own compatible films, precision cut and resized from existing film stocks. My respooled and resized films are compatible with most cameras.  film processing is also available here for all of the formats that I sell.

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The Future of Film Photography

I’m passionate about film and I believe that film photography has a good future. Film photography is a truly creative art and film cameras are masterpieces of mechanical and chemical engineering which solved an extremely complex problem in an ingenious way, without electronics and with amazingly good results.

Camera collecting is fun, but using those old cameras is even more fun and that’s what this website is about. Turn heads by shooting with an old box or folding brownie at the next wedding or party that you go to. You’ll be amazed at how much interest these old cameras generate and you’re sure to make new friends. There is a great sense of satisfaction too. For more on this subject visit Why shoot on film.

To keep film alive,  I  hope to be able to supply film in most formats well into the 21st Century, even if official manufacture stops altogether. I need your help too. If you have any spare empty spools in 127, 620, 828,116,616 or other discontinued film formats, I would be grateful for any spool donations.

I ship to most countries worldwide.

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