Dream Camera

Dynax 5

Do you remember the camera you always wanted, before digital came along? You’ll often here me mention the virtues of eBay on this website in relation to vintage and collectible cameras, but it is also true that some really nice SLR cameras can be won for very little money. Of course they still do the job that they always did, which is take excellent photographs.

So what can you get for 20 quid on eBay? For me it was a Minolta Dynax 5, a camera I wanted a few years ago when they were popular, but never managed to afford. This camera features almost everything I could want from a 35mm auto SLR. While I still love to shoot with my old Zenith or my plastic fantastic toy cameras, this camera has the advantage that I can just point and shoot like today’s digital and will pretty much guarantee perfect exposure and focus. With it’s hi-tech modern styling it also doesn’t look out of place when you’re doing something more serious like taking wedding photos.

It’s true that Canon EOS SLR cameras seem to attract more bidders and therefore higher prices, but are they really better cameras?. I don’t know as I’ve never owned one.  I’m certianly happy with my recent Minolta purchase.

Firstly after using the old Zenit, this camera is so light I thought it might be filled with helium!. There are some very easy to use program modes, but it is also possible to use semi or fully manual modes. Auto focussing is swift and if you like, you can enable a nice handy beep to tell you that everything is ready to fire the shutter. On my quick test roll the lens is certainly sharp enough and the zoom covers a handy range. The flash can be disabled or can flip up automatically when needed, making sure you never miss a shot. Although I’m into classic cameras, I really love this Minolta. With this and a film scanner, there’s no need for me to go fully digital just yet!.

So what did I get for 20 quid? Click here for the spec as published by Minolta….

Other eBay cameras worth going for are some of the real classics and unusual cameras like rangefinders. These are great fun and very usable too. One thing to remember is that, whatever cameras you buy, here at Photo Supplies, I will most likely have all the batteries, film and processing that you need to bring your camera to life and get the most from it. What was your dream camera before digital? Did you ever own it?

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