Camera Film for Collectible Cameras

620 Film

I Supply fresh, in date, modern film on 620 spools, which will work in almost all 620 film cameras. Whether you have an old box camera, vintage folding camera, a Kodak brownie twin twenty, or any 620 camera, you will be able to use it with my 620 resized film.

My 620 film is supplied on new precision resized spools, machine rezized to within fractions of a millimeter  ensuring smooth operation in your 620 camera.

620 film

620 film

620 Black and White Film

For Black and White 620 film I now sell Fuji Neopan, a high quality Black and White ISO100 emulsion, precision resized on 620 spools. This 620 film provides a good tonal range and contrast and its wide exposure latitude makes it suitable for shooting in all vintage 620 film cameras, including box and folding cameras – most of which were designed for shooting black and white film of 50 – 100 speed.

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127 Film

Rollei Crossbird 127

Rollei Crossbird 127

I love 127 film. This “in-between” format really was the ideal size for roll film. It was small enough to make slides and cameras are fairly small too, yet the film is large enough to provide good enlargements, superior to 35mm. 127 was a popular format for Kodak brownie 127 and general purpose 127 cameras in the 1950′s and 60′s because it was more compact than 120 and 620.

Efke B/W 127 film is still manufactured in Croatia, and  in Europe, Agfa film is manufactured again and supplied to us in 127 format under the Rollei brand. These films are ideal for vintage  Camera Collectors for use in old roll film cameras or for professional photographers using Rollei and Yashica 4 x 4 TLR cameras. A processing service is available on this website.

Efke R100 (8/12/16 exposure)

This is the well known Efke R100 127 format film. This traditional single layer emulsion film gives an authentic vintage feel to your photographs. It is rated as ISO100 (100 ASA) and will work in all vintage 127 film cameras for 4x4cm square (12 exposures), 4x6cm rectangular (8 exposures) or 4x3cm half frame rectangular (16 exposures), depending on camera.

** Update: Due to the recent closure of the Efke factory, sadly Efke film is no longer available  in any format.

127 E6 transparency Film for Super Slides / X-Pro.

Rollei “Crossbird” is a new transparency film (E6) for cross processing or processing as a slide film, available here in 127 format. This film produces rich deep colours and is  ideal for creative photography when cross processed as a negative film. As an E6 film, Crossbird can be processed as a transparency film for making super-slides. I supply Rollei Crossbird in 127 format.

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127 Colour film – Maco UCN 200

Although no longer in production, I have a small stock of the original Maco UCN 200 color film, a great 200ASA 127 Colour film for general purpose colour prints. This colour film is suitable for most 127 film cameras and is supplied subject to availability.

** Maco UCN200 is now sold out **


110 Film

110 was once one of the most popular film formats in the world. This film is a subminature 16mm film in a plastic cassette that was used in cheap convenient cameras. There are also some very interesting high quality cameras in this format. The Pentax Auto 110 SLR was the worlds smallest SLR film camera and used this format. The camera had interchangeable lenses and full aperture priority auto-exposure. Examples still come up on eBay and they produce surprisingly sharp images.

I stock various 110 films suitable for all 110 film cameras (subject to availability)

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126 Film

126 was the big brother of 110. Using 35mm wide film to create a 28 x 28mm square negative, this film had the convenience of 110 but with superior definition. There are some excellent 126 cameras such as the Kodak Instamatic reflex camera which was a high quality automatic SLR in 126 format with superb lenses from the Kodak SLR retina reflex series. Very high quality images are possible with this camera and good 126 film.

126 film is now very hard to source and is supplied subject to availability.

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I provide processing services for all of the films that I sell. For film processing details please see my processing page

Other film types

If you need a film size which I don’t sell, please contact me. i may be able to provide a way of getting your camera working.

Camera Batteries

I also sell replacement camera batteries for those obsolete mercury cells. Most vintage cameras used the contant voltage (1.35V) of the mercury cell as a reference for exposure metering. This means the voltage is critical for proper operation and modern 1.5V cells do not work well. I sell a range of Zinc Air batteries which are designed to provide a stable voltage the same as mercury batteries and are compatible with many vintage cameras.

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